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A small sample of my work with various clients.


I am professional level photographer and retoucher and a contributor to Getty Images. I’ve shot weddings professionally as well as product shots, location shoots and model photography. I have won a number of awards for my images. I occasionally provide photography at Mindmap where a contract photographer is unavailable. I art direct most shoots at Mindmap / Bad Goose and have done a number of high profile brand shoots for GSK, Lilly and Weightwatchers.


My first packaging job was for Bord Na Mona Firelogs back in 1995 and they continued to use that design for about 15 years! Since then I’ve produced packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, for food and luxury goods and for Drinks companies. Packaging design is part branding exercise, part typographical haiku and at least in the case of food packaging – part Pavlovian trickery. And of course the legal restrictions and requirements placed upon packaging design make for interesting and creative challenges, which I relish.

Design for Screens

I produce websites, including e-commerce websites using the WordPress CMS. I also create experiences for mobile and tablets, particularly for my Pharma clients. Since the advent of tablets like the iPad many clients have chosen to move their print collateral over to this format, which allows for richer colours, interactivity and video. I love the mutable aspect of designing for screens, and the effect of layers and interaction. The old web was a very constraining medium, particularly for typography, but now print has become the constraining medium.

Design for Print

I’ve worked in design for print for many years, creating everything from books to brochures and from album sleeves to outdoor campaigns. Designing for print requires careful attention to the technicalities of 4 colour process as well as an acute understanding of typography, layout and the impact of imagery. With clients as varied as GSK and Apache Pizza, I’ve created materials for every kind of organisation, from large multi-nationals to local enterprises.

Narraghmore, Kildare

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